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On my website, I would like to give you an insight into my creative work and my personal motivation. 


First some facts about my background to fully understand who you are dealing with: I was born in Stuttgart, Germany and I fell in love with my city, with all its culture and the big city lifestyle. When I was young, I knew for sure that I wanted to be a part of the big automotive industry. Makes sense when your hometown is well-known to be home to some of the big automotive brands, such as Mercedes and Porsche. I am really thankful for being a part of this family for so long. I have been working hard on my career and always educated myself further and further. It has been really important to me to always give my best and to learn as much about business as possible. So during my time in the automotive industry, I have worked in different positions, since it was important for me to broaden my knowledge and to get to know many experience in other job areas. 


Now, after 12 years in the automotive industry, I was about to finally get the job offered that I have always desired but something really meaningful happened within myself. I changed my whole life and started to focus and to finally listen to my heart. I felt that now is the time to follow my real passion and to find out how it feels to follow it. So my journey in this world continued on a completely different path, one that I would have never imagined.


I clearly remember this day and it was like a shock to me but

“suddenly everything made sense”– Tinie Antwertinger


Creativity has always been my passion and that’s how my relationship between me and my camera begun. My motivation is to catch your stories and to tell them through my pictures. You are my inspiration and that’s why I am interested in your personal stories. I would like to help and support you with my work. For me personally a trusting interaction of high quality is very important. Behind every brand, every company or every event is a story to tell and through my pictures I want to depict exactly these stories with all their emotions. 


I would describe my own style of photography as real and natural. That is one of the reasons why I decided to work less with complex props. I strongly believe that everyone is different, so has every wedding for example a unique style of decorations or every company has a certain image and background. That’s why I always want to adapt to this certain image and to process your needs individually. 

If you feel comfortable and want to work with me, let’s rock your next project together. I am really looking forward to work with you.


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Tinie Antwertinger


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